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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.

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I am a multi-cancer survivor: ovarian, breast and spinal cancer. I am a CFO advisor to start-up companies including the fashion industry. But my passion is my foundation that I started in 2005: Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation is a wellness spa treatment and advocacy program for women with cancer and advanced life threatening illnesses. Heaven’s Door purpose is Diva Aftercare™: providing free spa visits for women going through cancer all around the U.S. to maintain their inner fortitude and self-esteem. I pay for women to go to spas and resorts all across the U.S. The mission of Heaven's Door is to assist those with advanced terminal illness, to maintain dignity, function and a high quality of life throughout their course of illness. We will help women undergoing cancer treatment cope with the emotionally traumatic and emotional side effects of treatment. The objective is to help patients regain a sense of self confidence and control over their lives.

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April 17, 2012

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San Francisco, California 94114

March 5, 1963

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Ovarian Cancer

May 15, 1998

Stage 3C



In June, 2012 raising $20,000+ through Evolution of Fashion

The screenings and the continual diagnosis (have had 3)

Patience, hope, empathy to those who have committed suicide due to cancer related depression, more love and support for my cancer warrior friends

Prayer and support to all women battling in silence. Maybe treating one lady who you know is battling cancer to a spa trip in your neighborhood

Alkaline diet and alkaline water

Yes - Breast (2005), Spine (2009)

Prayer and donations or Groupon spa gifts to Heaven's Door

Kaiser Permanente

A great support group and pets who love you no matter how bald you are!

ovarian - bloating, pain in the back that made me fall to my knees. gravitational pain such as an advanced case of hemmorhoids. Breast - no warning; was going for a reduction and they found an in situ mass in the left breast. Spinal - intense lower back pain shooting down the leg. Times of numbness from waist down; falling to the floor or left leg dragging.

Radiation therapy to the abdominal/pelvic area; diarrhea, abdominal cramping

I am raising money for my foundation Heaven's Door. I pay for spa visits out of pocket for women going through chemo, surgery or radiation. Right now, designers and other businesses are hosting events and providing funds to help me to keep these ladies happy as we have women waiting around the country to go to spa. I am planning on buying a home on the beach in FL for terminally ill cancer patients to vacation in.


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