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UPDATE: December 2011. Status is holding as I enter into my 5th year of survival for 2012. Side effects relatively small, tired at times and mild bone pain. Quite amused at my own forgetfullness, making my husband crazy looking for things I have lost and found. Making sure I take my meds as prescribed and followup scans and Oncology appts. as scheduled. UPDATE: August 2008. Saw Oncologist who confirmed spread of cancer to my spine T9 & T10 also T6 and L3 show some abnormality. This is a comparison to the other 3 bone scans - 1st being July 07 right after lumpectomy. My surgeon prescibes this test for every breast cancer patient. Probably a precaution, which in my case was a good thing. I am not sure what is going to happen next other than another Mammogram and Ultra sound of my breasts in Sept., another bone scan and CAT scan in Nov. so this might be where they find more. God forbid those cells keep mulitplying. It's leap frog at its' finest game. I feel over anaylized, overpricked, overradiated but somehow glad that I live in Canada where it is all FREE. My private insurance pays 80% of all my drugs as well as massages, chiro, physio, dental, and so on. Why do you think we have a waiting list for immigrants? Not because they love the winter here! So for now I wait but I live. Oct. 09. Bone scan and CT, Oncologist's report at the end of the month. Whoopee, I can hardly wait. I still have my sarcasm working.

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February 26, 2008

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

March 17, 1950

Cancer Survivor

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Breast Cancer

May 1, 2007

Stage 2

Grade 2





That a Cure has NOT BEEN FOUND !

That all my ancestors who died were very brave in their fight

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Feeling sometimes bitchy I put that down to arimidex. I hate the revisiting of menopause, night sweats, etc. Sometimes I just feel tired and can't keep up. UPDATE AUG/08. Not as tired anymore, but the rest is the same.




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♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday dear Louise ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ I hope you had a beautiful and blessed day ♫
♫ Love and Hugs ♫
♫ Joyce ♫
Happy Birthday, Weezie! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!
Upside down dog because of inept owner's inability to work technology!!!
Got an email you left a comment starting with Easter eggs...but can't find it here? Spooky :)
Got an email you left a comment starting with Easter eggs...but can't find it here? Spooky :)
Got an email you left a comment starting with Easter eggs...but can't find it here? Spooky :)
Sorry for the typos. I should have proof read myself. :-/
Louise, thank you for the birthday wishes and your kind words. It's so good for my soul to hear someone talk about my Gemma. Most people avoid bringing even her name up for fear I will fall apart. They don't realize that her name is a song to my ears and heart. I still get weepy but I'd rather weep that have people pretent she never lived. Hugs from Pittsburgh, Nancy
And thank you, Louise for your comments, and update. Yea, those "Doctoring Times". It's a wonder more of us don't go stark raving insane sometimes. I'm headed out to WINTER myself, from lovely mild San Francisco to Madison, WI. Burrr; I'm totally not ready & trying not to freak. So, I'll be out of internet connect for a bit. Hugs and Cozy thoughts, Nicole
Can't wait for spring either. Since the bus fare to NYC is only $13. I think I'm going to see any show that's taping...not waiting for another cancer show...I've tried to watch the Katie show and I don't really care for it, lol
I hope you had a stellar birthday celebration, Louise. And I also hope you continue to enjoy your entire birthday week.
Hope you had a great BDay, Weezie!! xo
Thank you for friending me. Best wishes to you and yours.
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