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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


Vital Info

Shannon (momentsandmemories)

November 6, 2011

Winnipeg, Manitoba

December 4, 1976

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Larynx Cancer

November 3, 2011

Stage 2



Cancer Care Manitoba HSC

Hoarse voice for 2 years

Biopsy- October 12, 2011- no side effects, was a breeze.

First treatment December 19,2011



Shannon's Profile Page


I am a 34 year old female, married with 3 daughters and a step son. I was diagnosed with Laryngeal cancer on Nov 3 2011. The cancer covers my entire right vocal cord and extends a small bit into my voice box as well. I start radiation on December 19th, 5 days a week for 6-7 weeks.

Cancer Symptoms

Hoarse voice for 2 years

Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects

Biopsy- October 12, 2011- no side effects, was a breeze.

Radiation or Proton Therapy Description, Dates & Side Effects

First treatment December 19,2011
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Happy Birthday Shannon. Champagne toasts all around! Hugs, Nicole
Hi Shannon Hope all is well with you:)
Hey Shannon Just wondering if you ever got my reply when you wrote me last, I am not sure where to even look for it... lol..
Dear Shannon, You are so welcome for the info. I'm thinking about doing a post about it. The tendonistis has improved, though it took a week or more of rest and no typing. It's great you've got some good resources to weather this; and what a super dentist. Like my Rad doc said: "Forget the internet; talk to other patients." Another note- I've tossed all clothes that are polyester, acrylic, etc. I went to the thrift store & picked up some great big ole cotton shirts to wear when I went to Rad sessions, and just for lounging around the house. Yes, one day at a time. I learned to help calm myself down by thinking "Relax" as I inhale and "Calm down" on the exhale. Any little tricks like that will serve you well. Last question dear: are you getting a Chemo also? I had the bio-Chemo (Erbitux) once a week throughout Rads. I was told Erbitux with Rads is now the "gold standard" for we head & neck cancer warriors. Thanks again for your kind comments. What a DEAR you are. (I hope you checked out my decorated Rad mask. It took me about 3 weeks to weave my chemo wrap strips throughout my mask.) Hugs, Nicole
Hope your Birthday was terrific!!!!
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