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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


Vital Info

Jill (jill)

August 22, 2006

Boulder, Colorado 80304

August 7, 1970

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

September 26, 2005

Stage 1

Grade 1




I found a lump in my left breast while putting on my bra that snaps in the front. I don't think I would of found this if it wasn't for the placement of it being so close to the edge of my breast and close to the snap. I also would feel a tingling sensation in the area every now and then, sometimes it would itch a little.

If you are interested in donating to Blog for a Cure please click here to make a donation. or mail your donations to: Blog for a Cure, LLC 2520 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80304 Thanks for your support!



Jill's Profile Page


I was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 26, 2005 and again on May 29, 2009, two time survivor. The months following the diagnoses were the hardest on me, my world totally changed. Now that I have recovered I hope to make it easier for a few people by creating this network of cancer survivors through blogging. My background is in web development and internet marketing so that was the way I knew how to give back. Develop and promote this community so other don't feel alone in this horrible battle. You need to find others who are going through something similar in order to feel sane. Sign up for your own cancer blog! It's FREE!

Cancer Symptoms

I found a lump in my left breast while putting on my bra that snaps in the front. I don't think I would of found this if it wasn't for the placement of it being so close to the edge of my breast and close to the snap. I also would feel a tingling sensation in the area every now and then, sometimes it would itch a little.

Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects

My first surgery was on September 22, 2005 where I had a lump in my breast removed. I got the call on September 26th that is was cancerous. My second re-excision surgery was on October 5th. The cancer reoccurred and was found on May 29, 2009. I am scheduled to have a mastectomy on Thursday June 11, 2009.

Radiation or Proton Therapy Description, Dates & Side Effects

I did six weeks of radiation starting on October 26, 2005. What a whirlwind those months were!

Fundraising Description

If you are interested in donating to Blog for a Cure please click here to make a donation. or mail your donations to: Blog for a Cure, LLC 2520 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80304 Thanks for your support!
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You''re welcome Jill, amazing how many Barnes & Nobles there are. thank you for complimenting my Girls! I've always had them, some were barkers, some never barked. ♡
I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Jill. I sincerely apologize for this being belated. I wish you a life filled with good health, happiness beyond what you could have ever have wished for. Thanks for taking the chance when you began this blog. You have brought so much comfort, support and friendships to so many that wouldn't have otherwise known the others. Blessings, Patty
Happiest of birthdays to you and may you have many many more to celebrate. Thank you for creating this wonderful refuge where we can all share, cry, laugh, and celebrate together. Know that your site has helped so many of us through our journeys with many supporters by our side. Happy Birthday!!!
Big Hugs to you!
Happy Birthday Jill...thank you for this site! This is one of the most incredible gifts that as cancer survivors we have been given! So much support, love and guidance...I for one couldn't have done it without the blog! Wishing you much health, happiness and laughter for many more years to come! d xoxo
Happy Birthday Jill! Thank you for your gift of this blog! You have helped so many of us at our darkest times. I tell everyone about this wonderful site. I hope you have a great day!
Happiest of birthdays to you, Jill. I love Nicole's title -- you are truly our Patron Goddess as you watch over one and all. This site has brought many people to lifetime friendships. I'll add Jewish tradition -- May you live to 120.
Much love,
Happy Birthday Jill! enjoy your day and thanks for this site. It has helped me so much. You are a special person.
Happy Birthday Jill! Thank-you for this site, it has been a Godsend! I just noticed we share the same diagnosis day.. 9/26.. The journey has been tough, but it's so good to know we're not alone.. Sending you hugs!
Happy Birthday Jill! Thank you for creating this wonderful site. Wishing you the most awesome day ever!🎉🎈🎂
Happy birthday, Jill! Thank you for all that you've done, all that you have made possible. May you have many, many more birthdays to celebrate! In deep appreciation, a big, big hug! B
Happy Birthday Jill !!!
Happy Birthday Jill!
Happy Birthday to you....
This wonderful creation, Blog For A Cure, just shows that you are THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST.
You add such an infinitely bright light to this demon cancer world.
Here's clicking for you, kid.
And Hugs all 'round.
Happy Birthday, Jill!! Thank you for creating one of the best sites, if not THE BEST site, that I have ever come across! Hugs!! Angela
Happy Birthday, dear Jill. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Thank you so much for creating this site and all you do to maintain it. You are the best and we are all indebted to you! Hugs, Cherie
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Jill hope it is as fabulous as you are which means it really be realy really fabulous!!! Love Jeanne
test comment
Hello, Are you no longs sending out new member notices?? Or am I missing them for some reason? Hugs and thanks for all you do, Sandyjo
Hi Jill I wanted to post on Erin's memorial but there was no way to do it.. thankyou... hugs and love Sabina:)
Hi Jill, interested in a Cancer Sucks hat. In hospital right now and would really love a hat. Would you please advice how much, sizes. Colours, etc. or just help me find the info online. Fred
Jill...well I feel like a total loser for missing your bday! Honey...I'm so sorry! I hope it was a good one and wishing you many more in good health, happiness and lots of love! d xoxo
Happy Birthday Jill..Thanks for all you do for BFAC..xx..Kevin
Happy Birthday, Jill! I just noticed that I have been married only 1 less year than you've been around--gee, does that make me feel old! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Patron Goddess Jill. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, kicking off another great year. I'm Clicking for you. Love & Hugs, Nicole
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday dear Jill ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Have a beautiful and blessed day ♫ ♫ Love and Hugs ♫ ♫ Joyce In NC ♫
Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fun healthy day!! PS I am playing catchup on posts. I could not post a note on new member William (wneil711)
Happy Happy Birthday Jill! Thanks for all you do ! hugs and love Sabina:)
Jill sorry to bother you and I hope your summer is going really great! I have been trying to make my page a bit more private but either way when I press that button, and log out I can still see all my info. Right now I am having issues at work and prefer that only the members can see my private blogs with my name attached. All I want is it to show up as private user like some of the others! thank you Jill for everything you have done for me. Hugs Val
Hi, Jill. We have another spammer. Bicgatepc is their username. Thanks again for all you do! Danean
Jill, I'm honored to have your support. Thank you for what you created here "A Facebook for us special people".. I find it a great source for information and a place to connect with people who share our common bond. Thank you!
Jill, I'm honored to have your support. Thank you for what you created here "A Facebook for us special people".. I find it a great source for information and a place to connect with people who share our common bond. Thank you!
Hi Jill....I have friended Nick Maxon on Facebook. He is Sarah Friedman's boyfriend. I asked him if he'd had a chance to view Sarah's page and he is apparently can't access her page. He gave me his email address. I am hoping you can help him. His email is Take care and thanks, Elisabeth
I see it there now but it was not there before. I did scroll all the way to the bottom and the only thing there was the words "I am so sorry. We are here to help you fight.". It didn't even show who wrote that until just now. Anyway, it seems to be okay now. Thanks.
I just tried again twice to post to Shaz Agger's page and it will not work????
Well, the note to you posted. I had just tried to post a Happy Birthday To Shaz Agger twice before I posted to you and it would not post. I will try again and see if it will post now.
Jill, I can't get anything to post today.
Hi Jill, I'm hanging in there. I'm between chemo session 1 and 2, Had a plasma and blood transfusion last Wednesday, I go to the Cancer clinic this Thursday (bloodwork etc.) to see if I can proceed with chemo session 2. Hugs, Fred. PS: How are you doing??
This is just a test, Jill, to see if I am able to post a comment on someone's profile page. Thx!
Hey Jill-happy new year (a little late)! I just wanted to mention that I am no longer getting notifications when people post here. Do you know how I might get that fixed? thanks so much! Ann
Wow that really looks like I said too much.. LMFAO
OK about me. Well I'm sure you know by now that I have Tonsil cancer, Right? I'm not looking foward to having treatments (like who is). I've faced that fact that this has to be taken care of and soon it will. Like I had mentioned, this web site has tought me so much about what to expect, how to face it and the things that I will need to make the journey as smooth as possible, which has givin me the strength to beat this cancer. I already know that what I have is treatable and curable. Words from my ENT that also did the tonsillectomy and read my pathology report to me. I was a smoker for 25 to 30 years off and on. (much more on than off) and a pretty heavy drinker in the last 5 to 6 years. I was always around people that were drinking and smoking. Not that I'm ever going to use it as an excuse. I've learned alot in life, that the choices you make are just that, your choice nobody held a gun to my head and made me do anything I didn't chose to do on my own. I can't take back what has already happened and I have had alot of fun throughout my life. Sure everyone has bad times too. Alot of the fun times happened while being in the music industry. mostly local here in south florida. I've been singing in many different bands in tha last 25 years or so and wouldn't trade it for anything. About a year or so ago. I decided to take a break from that scene. Was still drinking and smoking. On Sept. 13th this year I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't move my neck with out it hurting I turned to my girlfriend and told her theres something wrong with my neck. Later that morning I went to urgent care, (see I have no insurace) got checked out and put on antibiotics for a week. No positive results. Went to parents primary Dr. put on more antibiotics same result. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard this story from a head and neck cancer person. Then to the ENT. examined me and said I'm concerned. (then I said to myself ahhhh yea so am I) He ordered catscan for the next day. Dr. called me right after I got the disk from the scan and said Bring it in to his office, he took a look and said your going in for sugery asap. Now you know what i'm thinking holly sh-t this can't be real good. Had the surgery Nov 14th, which was the 20th anniversary of my 2nd wedding day. That marrage work out about as well as the first. lol. Guess not all people are cut out for that till death do you part thing (not me anyways.) Sorry sometimes I get on a roll and can't stop I tend to talk to much when I'm on pain meds. I now have an insurance through the mermorial health care system here in south florida. which is a load off my mind. And I have this wonderful web site call blog for a cure "cancer sucks" you should check it out sometime it's really a cool site. Just alittle more. (I'm almost finished) My ENT told me during my one week after sugery check up that he had good news. I said what the cancer dignosis was wrong, he said no it's not that good. He told me my cancer is p16 strongly positive within the tumor which is a surrogate maker for HPV and then told me that HPV related cancer is better than non HPV and I guess I remember him telling me that treatments will work better on HPV cases. In Concluding my cancer is not directly caused by all my partying (drinking and smoking) all those years. It's caused by unprotected sex all those years. Go figure. You know maybe it was related to all the partying but in alittle different manner. Everyone please stop with the oral sex it just might kill you......... HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS Jill..... I'm out of breath
So I finally get to meet you. Thanks for the support. I have been told by members that you are the reason this BFAC site is here . Bless you. I've been a member 2 weeks and words can not express how much I love this site. I've learned so much from the wonderful members of this comunity. and at this time in my life and what i've have gone threw since being diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Finding BFAC has been nothing but a blessing. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. huge hugs to you Jill.......
Hi Jill, What you are doing is wonderful. Blessings to you and yours. Ron
Hi Jill; Just checking up on you to make sure you are in happy land. How do people get into the memorial page and plant their ads? It's kind of mean that they do that!!! I guess anything is possible these days.
Hi Jill-Andrea has been unable to get into the new/old site. I hate to ask because I know how stressful this has been, but could you send her a new password? Her user name is andreaj. Thanks and hugs! Ann
What an amazing terrific Patron Goddess you are, Jill!! Today is my birthday and low and behold, here's the new "old" BFAC website back online. I'm jumping up and down for joy. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on the 7th Sister Leo. I won't even have to put away my party hat to send you lots of Happy Birthday Hugs.
Hi Jill, just wanted to let you know that the mother of member lbh24 (Lou) has passed away. If you could post a memorial for her, that would be great. Thanks, Ann
Hi Jill! I just had an idea. What if you signed a t-shirt in t-shirt material ink, and sent it on to another, and they signed it and followed suit until a lot of us signed the shirt. A Cancer Sucks shirt. Then the last person sends it back to you. You can copy it and print a few for us to buy???? I'd love nothing more than to wear my cnacer sucks shirt with my frinds name on it. Or else, send me a shirt and I will do it...LOL!! I wrote a long letter to Barb (bgw) and I wrote it on my's my last entry and it is private and long...can you somehow transfer it to her page or can I email her to look on my page to read it...I can't believe I just did this....if not, I will rewrite it...thanks, Elisabeth
Jill you are an amazing woman to do all of this by your self,i just wanted to tell you my hats off to you...Hugs & Prayers,Frankie
Thanks for the hug, Jill. Love Barb
Hi Jill, Many continued thanks for this blog. I hope you're still looking at cancer in the rear view mirror. Hugs, Sonja PS Please read my blog about "Live by Living" and join us on a trip or hike so you can recommend it to others. It would be nice to meet you!
Just a note of thanks to you, Jill. Many hugs and tears of thanks. 1vph.
Hey Boss, I pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sorry I have been absent for a while. Tough emotional roller coaster, but you are always in my heart and I will be around more now. Love and Respect Mac
Just so you know, the payment from me is for a couple more bracelet sales :) Thanks for letting me promote on this site. I'm hoping the exposure will help my business grow next year. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now that my kids are grown the traditional dinner has moved to the oldest daughter's house-an unexpected treat is not having to clean up. We are having mw's family to our house that Sunday so we get to stuff our faces twice :D xoxo
A two-time winner, where did you find the strength, the courage? I'm serious, I'm asking - my brother's non-h lymphoma makes me more sad than he is, with his humor and "in-the-moment" way of living. BTW I love that T-shirt, and agree with Donna. So tell me, how are you these days?
i want to thank you Jill for making this site. :)
haha, just sent you a message that had the link to the Etsy you have to approve it before you can get it, lol
My reply buttons have gone missing...yes a yearly retreat would be awesome! Coming back to Colorado has always been a dream for me. We talked about you on Sunday and raised the first glass of wine to you. love you bracelets are on Etsy---
Hoodies are the clear winner.
I posted the question on the Warriors. I love hoodies myself but I wear either. I'll be first in line to buy one.
What do think about having Cancer Sucks shirts that say Survivor on the back? Also maybe have sweatshirts? The warriors all think it's a great idea. I would definitely wear both.
What do think about having Cancer Sucks shirts that say Survivor on the back? Also maybe have sweatshirts? The warriors all think it's a great idea. I would definitely wear both.
Hi Jill, The buttons for "Become a Supporter" are missing from some blogs. They are on most of the posts on the homepage, but Val's is missing. Helen Marshall's page has no button, nor does mine. (Not that I'm recruiting supporters, it's just the irregularity that is the concern). Maybe your programmer can take a look at this. Thanks. Hope you are well. Andrea
Hi Jill, The buttons for "Become a Supporter" are missing from some blogs. They are on most of the posts on the homepage, but Val's is missing. Helen Marshall's page has no button, nor does mine. (Not that I'm recruiting supporters, it's just the irregularity that is the concern). Maybe your programmer can take a look at this. Thanks. Hope you are well. Andrea
Happy Birthday, Jill!
Happy birthday, Jill! I just made a donation to the blog in honor of your birthday-thanks so much for all you've done, and continue to do, to support us cancer folks! Ann
Jill, Thanks for the hug. This is an amazing blog spot! ADO
I think you're okay as long as you don't answer the questions on facebook about buying them. People re-post stuff they see on FB all the time. xoxo
Jill, You are the greatest! My shirt arrived yesterday in plenty of time for our local Relay for Life event. I will be wearing it during the luminary ceremony because I have purchased one in memory of my BFAC friends who have passed in the last year. Thanks for all you do!
Jill, I'm just learning how to navigate this wonderful site. 1,000 thanks for creating BFAC. You are an awesome cancer warrior. And I love how you OMG-ed my decorated cancer warrior mask. Big hugs to you. Peace Out, Nicole (Lady of the larynx)
Hi Jill (P.S) Thanks for this site. Love Barb
Hi Jill; Thanks for thinking about me. Have been in a lot of pain and had my first visit with pallative care. Was not really that impressed, but at least I did not feel completely alone. It may be a rough time tonight, and may have to spend a lot time in emergency in Calgary. Sometimes you can wait up to 6 hours and still not see anyone...just stuck in the hallway if you come in by ambulance. I am using my hydrophone more often these past couple of days, and some ativan and just conking out. (Not much, and I do terrible without sleep..I suppose like everybody) The nurse called a Dr. on call and he would not prescribe any refills. Kind of understand, but he did not suggest anything (like a referral for an ultrasound, or anything..just told me to call an ambulance if things got too bad) Just feeling really alone with this Cancer, family and friends are falling through..Doctor's..the supposed pain team is closed on weekends??? Just don't understand any of this. Barb
Hey Jill, You'll see my post about Relay for Life. It was quite an experience that I look forward to doing year after year. I Was able to upload 2 pictures with the post, but it won't display the Cancer Sucks tshirt pic I promised you. It's well below the max file size so I'm not sure what is up. Any ideas? Thanks again for expediting the tshirt, that meant lots to me. TJ OD@aT
Jill, thanks for the teeshirt. I wear it proudly to show my contempt for cancer. I hope you didn't have any trouble getting paid for it. Right after I sent my payment the social security administration took money out of my account (they overpaid my wifes benefit) and I do not know the status of payments I made to you and to others. Please let me know and I will straighten it out. They sent me a letter saying I owed nothing. Zero. Nada. Then two weeks later stripped my bank account. Sorry if I caused any trouble. I am disabled and rely on them for help. Which brings me to another subject. Does your organization plan on fighting for people to keep their medicaid and medicare the way it is. And to preserve Planned Parenthood, to help diagnose cancer in women? I would contribute to that fight anyway I could. Take care.
Whatever I ordered is good but most people like the longer sleeve so make that for all of them. Send 1 each of 2XL in Men's and Womens 2XL. That way, even the guys have a chance at picking one out for themselves. Let's see how this goes. It might take off like wildfire and more orders could come. Woo hoo, we could be in raising fund business. I hope you get a good amount for the cause. love Weeze
not sure why my last post was doubled, could you please delete the empty one? thanks
Hi Jill, thanks you for the well wishes! The suregery went well, but won't get the full biopsy report for a couple of weeks. The hospital was horrible though. I'll post the good and the bad later on my page. Thanks again! Dennis
Sorry boss lady you missed it but it was WONDERFUL to be able to eat thst again ...
Hi Jill, I didn't do this the first time around... but I wanted to thank you for all your tireless devotion to this wonderful blog! I feel incredibly honored to have to in my corner again. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out. Many hugs & blessings, Elana Rose
Hello Jill...yes I understand...I have told various friends about my blog in the past, now they'd have to become members to read it..which they probably would not do.. Understood and thank you!
Thanks Jill. Yes now lemons cost 2 for $1.00 up here in Canada. Hey i didn't see the logo problem when I opened your post. Weird....
Just wanted to say 'Hi Sexy!' Get the boob nub, it doesn't hurt, she gave me a local in 3 places and I said I 'kind of' felt one of them. She said if I had any discomfort, take an Aleve. I didn't need one, although I felt a bit of an ache. Really, I could have done without it, but it will make for a sexier profile in a tight BFAC Tee! Love you, girl.
i will def donate, right now times are a little hard but as soon as i can i will. i love this website and feel i will be doing my sister right. whats funny is all the time i been chatting with you i did not know that you were the founder loli love. thank you for this amazing site i have found much needed support :)i love that i blog everyday about my sister and share memories and her story it makes me feel better and ppl can follow along in the journey of her amazing story :)
i dont have a paypal but i will set one up and donate at least once a month maybe twice, thats what my sister wanted me to do. so where exactly do the money go i dont care either way i will do it since you put so much into it. i am all about raising money for cancer research i promise i will as soon as i can wont be much im a single parent of 2 and make minimum wage but i will do what i can.
your picture inspired me to google those tshirts. i was going to get the cancer sucks but i think i am going to get my sister is my hero with the orange ribbon and support leukemia awareness and get one for my kids saying my aunt but might still go with cancer sucks because i lost both my mom and sister to it have not decided but found a website only 26 for me and 10 for each of the kids :) thank you lol
i dont want to be a nurse, i was a cna and it was stressful, and i dont do well with needles lol. but definetly going to do something to help others, me and my sister have been through just about everything in our lives so i can relate to so many. i know the nurses are amazing, when my sister was feeling down they played cards or painted her nails just keep her company. i love them so much, i went there and personally thanked them for taking such good care of her. she was in the hospital most of last yr. but since i lost both my mom and sister to cancer more than likely i will go in that field maybe a therapist or physical therapist. im not sure i will figure it out when it comes time. and its not too late, im 28 and going to go, i have been talking to my dad. he lives in germany and havent spoke to him since i was a kids, but he told me my grandpa was 70 and went back to school, they are japanese and smart people lol. well you have a good day too. ttyl
thank you, i am just simply keeping a promise i made to her. i dont want sit here and cry all the time i want to make a difference. i have not went back to college yet because i am a single parent and its hard enough but want to soon. i always knew whatever my carreer is going to be it will be about helping others that is just who i am. so maybe lean toward a carreer as a counselor or something. in the mean time going to volunteer at the hospital she was at. im not ready to go there yet but in time i will. thanks for your support :) im here for you as well, i have not suffered but seen alot of it in my mom and sister if you ever need to talk i can give you my yahoo id or facebook and we can chat. :) god bless you
Jill, I am mostly a lurker here but want you, and everyone else here, to know how much this site has helped me. We lost my brother-in-law to an incredibly aggressive colorectal cancer. I felt very alone and lost after his death. I felt like we had been through an experience with him that so few people knew about first hand that it was impossible to even talk about it. I have been so comforted by the brave people on this site who are willing to share their stories. This is an amazing thing you've done. - Alena
Jill, I can see why you are sad,but please don't feel defeated. The misunderstanding is cleared up. Your love and dedication are unsurpassed, and BFAC is a lifeline for so many people. Stay here, stay with us. All will be well. Love, Andrea
Hi Jill, I was wondering how I can set up a "memorial" page for my mom - Linda - (my blog is about being her caregiver) She passed away on January 7th 2011. I can't thank you enough for everything this site has done for me. The people in this community are so supportive, I have learned so much and have had a place to vent my frustrations and fears. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer for a memorial page for my mom.
This is a great site and what you have created is a network of people that support one another. Some daily, some monthly and some yearly. No one can hide from cancer and I'm so glad that this site allows me to express my feelings while getting support from others. Thank you for all you do and I support any direction you think the site needs. After all, it's your vision that got us all here sharing our experiences in the first place.
Hi gal I just read about this "FOR A CURE" These people are so Greedy that they have forgot what we are fighting for" Are they going after us for the word for a cure? that mean everyone that says for a cure is breaking the law? Sorry but this really .... me of I waned to let you know we have your back..
Back atcha Babe!
My bad. Change all of my dates from 2000 to 2010. Chemo brain rains again!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Jill and thanks for taking into consideration my thought. NED date is a very personal thing to each and everyone of us as you know. It could be the last day of treatment, or it could be the date of the time we are given the good news! This is getting picky, but a "last treatment date" and a "NED date" would all be acceptable. For me, last treatment date is August 27th, 2000, NED date is December 15th, 2000. Both are memorable dates to me that I will never forget (as in May 15th 2000 when I was diagnosed). I think everyone here would be happy with being able to add whatever dates are meaningful to them as they go through the lifestyle that is cancer. I'm a business analyst by trade and could easy write some business rules around ways that people could easily add all of the dates that are important to them. Let me know what your thoughts are and I'm more than happy to contribute my efforts to this most amazing site you have created. Texas Jeff OD@aT
Hi Jill, How are you? Enjoying blogging. Just stumbled into two Blog For A Cure ladies that live near me! Probably more of them I'd have found by now. But I just realized my city is right, but my state is wrong on my profile page. Anyway, how do you bookmark someone to be their supporter? Rachel
Hi Jill, Do you take change requests? I was thinking that cancer survivors have more than one birthday, their 'real' birthday and their NED birthday and in your case even more than that (lucky you). Any chance of having the option to put two or more birthdays on our profiles? Texas Jeff OD@aT
Can't see either of thoe posts :(
The sticker,note post didn' come, I do like to see your babies every now and again anyway. :D xoxoxoxoxox
Hi Jill, So glad your scan came out okay. A nice holiday gift for you and your family, I’m sure. I guess we’ll always hold our breath till the results are in. Actually, didn’t worry on my very first set of scans last month cause I’m Triple Negative. And it’s highly unlikley to rear it’s ugly head before two or three years, but I’ll be shaking in my shoes in another year and a half. Thanks for the compliment on my site. I hope you visit more and let people know about it. Just launched and trying to get the word out. Always looking for story ideas too. Things like colorful survivor stories (I think Mac would be a character and I notice some of you poking him to write a book), cool/unique programs and services for survivors, etc. If I eventually do something on how big blogging has become in cancer community, I will definitely put a few lines in about Blog for a Cure and get a comment from one of your bloggers and or you. Best for 2011. Rachel BTW, I love your blog. It's a great idea. There are just so many comments, I don't know where to begin ... You could spend the whole day on here.:)
Yeah, what Andrea said...I don't think I did that to sonia but you'll see anyway. Sorry this is happening, I'll try not to dot. It's a big xoxoxoxo
Hi Jill, My last two responses have been flagged for your review even though there were no URLs. One response was to Martha yesterday, and I just responded to Diane with the same result. Is this a glitch? Thanks. Andrea PS You look adorable in your white hat with the BFAC T- shirt.
Jill, In August my computer got a virus and when I removed it and set up a new security program, I quit getting any of my bfac notices. I go on and check out many of my friends but today I went through spam and found one on there. Do you have any advice to return to the way it was. Peace, Sharron
Oops! I just sent missangeep a good idea to keep her spirits up and mistakenly typed a dot com without the spaces just to give you more work! sorry love, I'm blaming the Black Friday Flu. (sounds like a good blog title,lol)
Came home from W.Va. last night with the beginning of a nasty bug that's full-blown this morning, but! my shirts were in the door. nice surprise ;) havn't tried them on cause I want to post photos when I don't look like turkey crap. xoxo
Hey, hope you're enjoying your holiday. There are no comment buttons on Del's last blog and bio. I didn't check any others. Thanks :) Love you
No they wont let me change my username so I guess I'm stuck with it. (I don't see why they cant )I can't wait to get my t-shirt they look so cool. Enjoy your Thanksgiving & eat lots of food
Decisions, decisions ... okay, small white women's with teal print. And one XXL gray/steel for the husband; either color print. Thanks, Jill -- Andrea
Hi Jill, Can I back order a T-shirt (small, women's, pref teal)? Or is it better to wait until the next supply comes in? The form/site didn't seem to handle back orders.Maybe you can just post the ordering procedure. Sorry to bother you with trivia. Thanks. The shirts are terrific. Happy Thanksgiving. Andrea
Hey, thanks. If you can, whats the largest? my daughter is pretty big in the belly/hip area. If not, a medium in any other than the gray I already ordered. Thanks
Hi Jill--Seems like I can't post anything on my profile anymore? Just looked today and the option is gone for me to add any posts even though I am signed in? I will close down etc again just to be sure--but thought I would let you know. Thanks, Rachel
Hi Jill! Thanks for thinking of me and asking me personally to join the Advisory Team. I would be most happy to do this, as it gives me one more opportunity to represent all those who are diagnosed with anal cancer. It looks to me like you already have a very good team together, but if you think I can contribute, I'll be pleased to be included. Just let me know. How are you doing? I hope you are continuing to bounce back from your surgery and that all is going well. Love and Hugs-- Martha
Thank you, Jill for the direction. Maybe I wasn't adventurous enough to find my way home; hope this isn't a metaphor for life. Yeah,the small pox / global warming guy cracked me up and I figured you would delete him. Small pox eradication is a topic in one of the courses I teach, and I was feeling way too smug to let his wacky statement go unanswered. Andrea
Hi Jill, The "Home" button disappeared from the top tool bar a few days ago. I can't get from someone's blog back to the home page without leaving the site altogether. Is this a system problem or just my problem? Hope you are doing well. Thanks. Andrea
Hi Jill - I just noticed another "glitch??" Probably me. But I just tried to update (Edit) my profile three times and after changing words and sentences I hit "save" at the end but the profile just reverts to its original information. Thanks. Wendy
YES Jill, I tried just a 1/4 of a small cookie and it was "just right". Didn't Goldilocks say that? And look how happy she was, lol. Thank you for fixing my Comments.
HI Jill, I got an email from BFAC sayng you sent me a message on my profile; when I click the link there is no message from you. This happened once before from another person as well, but I didn't bring it up to you cuz I figured they deletd it or something. LOL Hope all is well, Iknow youa re busy busy! Melissa B
Hi Jill. Just wanted to say hello. What you have created here is so precious and I thank you with all my heart. Feel well.
white tea is going to be my new favorite drink even if I hate it lol and thanks for pic comment seems like a million years ago
Thanks for fixing my passeord Jill, you are the best! Melissa
Beautiful person, doing an extraordinary job, making things happen for those you love. Although you might not always feel it, you are loved and appreciated. Copy and paste this on the walls of 7 people who deserve to be noticed, even if it’s already there from someone else. ♥ apparently, someone is circulating a chain e-letter. I like this one though. How do they get the heart on there?
i get to BFAC through explorer and my hotmail is in there. The computer has Windows 7. It's only as old as my time on the blog :) duh, that's nearly all I know. I'm witty and funny, not so much about the computer stuff. Brain's too full. xoxo
I love the idea of t-shirts for the website. I want one! I have to have rai-131 again in a month or so. I've been thinking about getting a t-shirt with a radiation symbol on it but I can't find any I like. Do you know of any sites I should look at for that? I've looked at Cafe Press and HopeDesigns.
Hi Jill Thanks for your comment about the book. I sure appreciate your support. Hugs, Theresa
thank you for the very nice photo comment... ghost x
Thank you sista!! Nice to make new friends
Hey Jill: Sorry to bother you but for the last week or so I am not getting any friend posting notifications. It took me a while to realize that friends were posting. Is there something I need to do on this side to make that work again? Thanks Teresa May
Jill, Your a doll! Thanks for helping me post!
Thank you Jill for the Hug and best wishes. I have added my blog site where a daily update on My Skin Cancer journal can be found. This was a hard weekend because I had to leave my house after not seeing anyone for 13 days. My hubby was rushed to the hospital by Ambilance for passing out twice and passing lots of blood. We still dont have results of whats going on.
Thanks for working on this Jill. Your comments and Theresa's to my blog--I received no e-mail notification of. No big deal for me, but I wonder if it is the same for everyone else? Hugs-- Martha
Thank you, Jill! I’m so glad I found this site. It’s pretty comforting to share my experiences with others who are able to understand and sympathize. Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to talking to you soon. -Carolyn
Thank you Jill for being my friend and most especially for creating this website, it is truly a gift.
no biggie, I'll open them and try later. they are both links to articles cancer related from the New York Times. Just ordered Chinese, gonna eat 1st. How are your boobs? (there's a question you never thought you'd ask in polite society!) Love ya, Deb
Awake but still in bed too. Healing is fine, no more pain (wasn't much after the 2nd day). They make you wear the smooshing sport bra like the one in my orange pic..BUT, I went shopping for dresses and bought an expensive Low Cut Maidenform at Macy's and they look awesome! The fake one tends to ooze out from under the elastic of the sport bra and there's no feeling after mastectomy so I'm sitting around and still touching it cause it feels so nice and mooshy, instead of roch hard. I realize the elastic is in the middle of it and not under! :) Thank God for well made bras and underwires. My plastic surg girl doesn't supply cool colors and we touched briefly about the angel wings and fun nipple I want, she said I would have to go elsewhere. It will probably cost a hell of a lot less! Have a great day, love. xoxo, Debbie
Just checkin' in, feels like a long time since we've talked, though I know it hasn't. I LOVE the hug button, you can look around and see everyone using it alot. Tell your IT guy that the Kitties are perfect, or if they were your pick, then hat's amd scarves and wigs off to you! xoxo, Debbie
By the way, I was so absorbed in "me" land last week I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Hi Jill :) It seems the insomnia bug is everywhere. Actually, I get plenty of sleep in the hours between 6am and 10 or 12. Might have another nap in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I've become a night owl and my poor boyfriend hates to have the room in any way except dark and silent. He's so sweet and patient. Some nights I have tv on til 6am. So, how are you now? Hopefully you are where you'd planned to be at this point. I think of you daily and just want to join the chorus and let you know how much I appreciate the work you've done here and I am going to do everything I can to help support you and your mission. I've been thinking about what I can do to get the word out and it just came to me... When I went to my first visit at the AOC (ambulatory oncology ctr), there was so much to take in and I was inwardly pretty scared. I went through all of this without the support your wonderful site provides. I'm so happy that I was able to purchase the laptop and it was only a matter of time before I found you. I love to tell stories and I would love to go into some sort of social work. This is perfect for me because every time someone gets a giggle from me or anything positive, I get it back times ten. Because I wish I would have known about you in the beginning, I've thought of a good way to get the word out: When you enter the AOC, the first thing you see is a smiling Paula who knows your name and lets you know that this is going to be a warm and friendly place to be. It's like the blog. On the counter is a decorated basket that holds something different every visit. My first visit found the basket full of knitted and crocheted hats,all made by the elderly volunteers. You are welcomed to take anything you want or need. I want to put flyers in there to promote BFAC. If you have anything saved that is already designed, that would be great. If you want me to put it together I can, I have nothing but time between appointments. I have seen dvd's with serene music, cancer sucks bracelets, candy, booklets,last week there were poly bagged black cord necklaces that had little silver initials on them. One other time there were some very pretty head scarves. I'm thinking a simply worded, eye catching pamphlet with the logo would be an awesome way to spread the word. What do you think? Everybody pokes through that big basket every time I'm in there. It's nice to have something to look forward to before you get the poison. Let me know. Next, I'm going to check with Andrea to see if she plans on being at this year's race for the cure. We have talked about doing lunch as we are less than 25 miles away from one another and that Sunday would be perfect. This will be my third RFAC and coincidentally, all three years are just after cancer related surgery. It's my excuse for not running. I can get sponsors for taking a little walk anyway. I hope you don't mind but I wanted you to know that for the first time I filled in the form as to who I'm there for, you know, it says: "In memory of" or "in honor of", I'm doing it in your name because of all the good work that is being done here every day and I wanted to thank you publicly. I got on tv twice before and if I can manage it, I'm going to try and slip in a plug for all of us here. I might even make a sign like I'm outside one of those good morning shows! Okay, it's 12:40 and I'll have to get caught up here tomorrow. I didn't think I would care one way or another about the whole nipple thing, you know, strong woman yadda yadda, but after carrying that giant round rock everywhere for two long years and wearing scarves or a layered shirt to disguise the fact that my one nipple just got hard, I definately do want the origami (my plastic surgeon calls it that)! I'm actually facinated to see her work. She brags about how artistic she has become over time and I'll tell you, all of the other doctor/nurse people that saw the fake one made a point to tell me that the surgeon did a fantastic job. I have nothing to compare it to so I choose to believe my surrogate boob rocks! My doc says 90% of her patients do it to feel even. 90% also choose the tattoo (she does that too) so they look more alike. I'm still up in the air but I'm thinking about getting a fun color instead of the flesh tone. Maybe hot pink or purple. We'll see... Love you girl, Debbie
Jill, You were on my mind just now, so I thought I would check to see how you are doing. We have such a wonderful group of people on here. I often forget to blog as I like being able to support to others:). Hugs going your way, Melinda
Take care Jill!! Have a good day 2day :O)
Hi Jill! I justed wanted to check up on you. I hope you are doing well. I'm really glad you created this website.
Hi Jill, It's not a problem that you screened my post to Jung. With some of the weird stuff that has happened in just the 10 months I've been on the blog, the default makes sense. I appreciate all you do, and I hope your recovery is going well. (I'm tempted to say, "Have fun with your new breast," but that doesn't seem to quite hit the mark). Andrea
Hi Jill..Thanks for the prayer..
Hi Jill, glad everything's going according to plan. All she is doing on the not-boob is switching out the tissue expander for a D-sized silicone implant, stich me up and all I have to do is let it heal and she will make me a nipple so that looks even in a clingy shirt. Nipple heals and she tattoos color to try and match the real one. I thought about asking for a neon pink one instead but then I won't be able to wear my slightly-slutty-almost-see-through tops(lol). The real one is basically getting a good old-fashioned enhancement. Since I had to wait so long it looks a little saggy compared to the rock hard fake one. I've also lost weight since the surgery so it has flattened a little at the top. Anyway, she will insert a silicone implant under the muscle on that side as well so they will fill a D cup evenly ={Boob Job} later, xoxo, Debbie
Sorry Jill, I was just talking to Eli excited about the new show Boston Med. It's funny cause I just started watching last week and it seems lots of us are hooked. I mentioned the cbs web-site without thinking because I went there yesterday and watched every episode back to back. Honest mistake, sorry to cause the extra work. How are you feeling? Getting ready to post my up-coming good news... xoxo, Debbie
Hey Jill, thanks for the punch! That dude rocks! Anyhoo...I'm gonna support you too, and am thankful for your support and response to my picture problems! One would have thought I could have figured that out....LOL (Shhhh....a secret: I use to be a real, professional photographer....duh!) See you around BFAC!
Hi Jill, Thanks for the nice comment on my son's photo. They both live and work in the D.C. area so it's cool that this was the photo they picked to use as their engagement shot. Wedding on Sept.25. I hope to get my brest recon scheduled and be ready to party by then!
Jill, Thank you so much for your "punch" at my cancer. (My husband's) You are so young, I wish that we could all face these awful challenges in the right order. . . . .the old before the young. I will pray for you.
Hi Jill. Thank you for your compliment on my weight loss. I'm still quite self conscious about it. I haven't weighed this little since grade school 50 years ago. Your compliment made me feel better. Fondest regards, Frank
Dear Jill, Thank you so much for you kind words of support. I have to maintain my support with all of my docs. It's uncanny how you can begin with one doc then get a roomful. I feel as though I am in wonderful hands and determined to Never GIVE UP! Big Congrats to you on your Marriage! Wow, that's a really big deal. I wish you and your hubby a long liftime of good health & happiness.. Be Well, Patty
Hi Jill, Thanks for creating the website. I am so happy to have access to this community sharing info and concerns about our issues - this helps make the process seem more normal and certainly less isolating, especially when you might not want to bring up these subjects with a worried family! Warm thoughts, Stacy
Hi Jill-- Yes, I'm with you girl, these scans and tests cause me great anxiety too! But I am hoping for the very best, as I always do, and will try not to worry until given a reason. I hope you will do the same. I'm sure you are enjoying married life and I hope every day is great! You are a blessing to me. Love-- Martha
Thank you so much jill for your comment! Glad to be ap art of the group!
Jill; I'm sorry you have to do this so soon after getting married. Life is just too damned strange. I know you have will and strength with 2, so be positive and just say it's going to be just fine. No use worrying till you have to right? I have complete compassion though, because it is much easier said than done. Please, let me know how things turn out. You know we all care so much. Thanks for your vote of confidence.
Jill,nothing important. I notice you have new ads on the board. Good going. Hopefully they generate some moolah for you. Have you found out about Patti?
Jill, Firstly I want to thank you for such a fantastic place. It's made a huge difference in so many people's lives, mine and Taff's included. I also want to ask about the "Supporter Of" part on my profile. I think it's such a wonderful idea! I was just wondering how I can edit it. Thank you! :)
Jill, I just wanted to say thanks for creating this site for us to come together as a community of support. I really appreciate being able to share and learn from others.
Jill, Got to Bill on the second try. I think you're right -- the posts timed out. I have taken to right clicking and copying before posting just in case. Please delete the previous messages to they aren't in the way. Andrea
Hi Jill, I have had trouble with some of my posts actually going through this week, specifically to Bill and Patty. The posts just disappear into cyberspace when I use the "Post comment" button. I just posted to Julie and that was fine, but yet again I could not get a post to Bill. I am having no other system problems so I assume there is something weird going on with the website. Do you have any ideas? Thanks. Andrea
Hello, Your smile is so enlightening. It brings a smile to my face. I think anybody that can be on this journey and still smile is an inspiration. This will do one thing for me, it will MAKE me smile more. Just knowing that there is something to smile at. Cause we all know being in a bummer mood just isn't worth it. Keep the smiles coming lady. Thanks, Bill
Thanks so much for your support, Jill. I see you've been battling for five years. Where are you now?
Hi Jill, I haven't written you since I recd. my lock, which I love. You have been on my mind lately I pray all is well with you and you have peace in your heart. Love, Sharron
wellness, wellness, wellness!
Hi Jill, thanks for the nice posts you left me. so glad to hear you are starting with will help your heart in many ways. Thank you again for all you do for all of us. Namaste, Nova
Jill-- Thanks for fixing Amy's problems with log in. I'll let her know. Have a great day! Love-- Martha
Hi Jill-- Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well and getting the year off to a good start. I hate to bother you on a Sunday, but my friend Amy who is one of the cervical cancer bloggers is having trouble logging onto BFAC. She had requested a new password, but it doesn't seem to be working. She asked me to see if you can fix this. Her user name is ajp08. Thanks! I hope you have a great Sunday and week ahead. Thanks again for giving us such a great place to come together and support one another. You are awesome! Love and hugs-- Martha
Thank you Jill! I thought I had a better chance of living longer with the Oligoastrocytoma but with this my time frame is no better! I have a lot less time! I tell you stuff sucks! I am living with it all but I cannot help looking everything up! I have read book after book but all of my friends keep wanting me to go to church and so on. I use to go to church but I feel off from it now. It is such a long story if you ever wish to email me you can email me at
Hi Jill, Thank you so much for helping me with my pictures. You are such an angel to have created this site! I stumbled upon it just accidentally. I had already created a blog on but it was not what I was looking for. I wanted to connect with other cancer fighters and survivors. It is going to be so beneficial for my Mom to see this site. I am hoping that she will start blogging and connecting with the strong individuals that are part of this blog family. I am so glad that you are well. You are the evidence that tells me that cancer is not stronger than the will to live. Thank you!
Hi Jill-- Thanks for explaining the technical side of how this website works with the search engine. I'm glad that is the case and that more people will find their way here. It's such a great place for support and advice. I just hope that everyone in my cancer-type group keeps on posting and spreading the word about this disease. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful place to do just that! Have a GREAT weekend! Hugs-- Martha
Hey Jill, I hope this note finds you well and I hope it finds you. Bo left a comment for me which I cannot find and when I left one for her it did not show up. If you get this, let me know where to look or what I am doing wrong. You have my best wishes always. Tell your sweet one hello from me.
Jill-- It's great to hear from you and know that you are doing well. Camping sounds like fun and I hope you had an enjoyable time. I know what you mean about needing a break from cancer talk now and then. I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who thought the comments on several blogs by that one person were strange, to say the least. I just thought you should know about it. Thanks again for all you do for us--this blog means so much to me and everyone else. Take care and don't go MIA again! :) Love-- Martha
Hey Jill, I hope you got my e-mail??? It was about the newspaper article about my book, but what I wanted you to see was the part about .... blog for a cure. You got a pretty good plug, in our paper, for the blog!!!I also just met another woman with breast cancer & SURPRISE.... HER NAME IS SANDY BEARD!! HOW'S THAT FOR A WEIRD TURN OF EVENTS!! Hope you are doing well. Take care, Love Ya, Sandy
Hi Jill, Bless you for starting this. It's great therapy! There are angels among us. You are one of them.
Jill, I had no idea we could set up a memorial page to mom, that would be lovely. Thank you,always, for this blog and for your constant love, support and prayers. Alyssa
Jill, I hope this finds you feeling fabulous. I am wondering if you have heard from Kathy Bienapfl. I have left posts for her but nothing. I don't have a good feeling about this. Thanks, Kim
Hello Jill, Thank you for the prayer. May all your dreams come true! Ron
Jill, Thanks so much for the welcome note. I've been looking for a blog with similarly situated people with whom I can communicate. Judging on the comments I've received so far, I think I've found it. Please take care and I will include you in my prayers. Jolinda
Thnaks for the comment Jill. I have been keeping up with my bowels since this all started and have been having trouble going. So I take colace and have to take milk of magnesia at least twice a week. From what the doctor says. The radiation will take care of that constipation problem we'll see i'll keep stuff on hand any way.
Thank you so much for the welcome into this #%&$% group. Us Mini people have to stick together. I live in Folsom, CA, but have married children in Vail and Evergreen. And the best golden retrievers come from Boulder too. I know, because my daughter has 2 of them from a great breeder there. As soon as I can summon up the courage, I'll write my awful story. I struggle with a stage 4 lung diagnosis. The breast ca was a mere 1 - piece of cake in my book. As soon as a figure out how, I'll become your supporter too! Carol K.
Thanks Jill I will ask for copies. Didn't even think about that. And my husband and daughter won't ever let me go alone. It is like they have become super glued to me. I love them dearly and am thankful to have them. God Bless, Eva
Jill, Thanks. I do a total of 7 weeks of radiation so three more weeks. Working toward cancer free. I appreciate your comments. Mark
Hey Jill! Great name. Thank you so much for your support and for sharing your story with me. I see you are in recovery and that gives me hope. This isn't a club I ever wanted to join, but now that I'm a member, I see that I'm surrounded by wonderful, warrior women who truly kick butt! My good wishes are with you. Jill
Hi Jill, Thanks for your kind thoughts on the beginning of my chemo treatments. I have two sessions down and four more to go....can't wait to finish! :) Hope you're doing well. Take good care.
Hello Jill I just wanted to see how your doing & tell you how much I love this chance to come on & talk to you & all the other people on here. It is so comforting to know I can come here & let off some steam or maybe be a comfort to someone else. I don't know how you manage to take care of yourself & all of us. Anyway I hope your doing well & thank you for your advice & words of comfort. I loved the painting of you & your dog your friend is awesome.
Dear Jill, I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you a lot lately and hoping that all is going well for you. That's it...just a little note to let you know you are loved. Take care of yourself!! Peace, Kathy
Hi Jill I just spent the last hour or so reading through your blog.......Just wanted to send an extra special thank you......I had no idea you had started this site.......this site has helped me so much in my fight against this horrible helps to know others are out there and understand exactly what it feels like to fight this battle..... I'm thinking about you.....stay strong and positive........ Thank you..... Jeanne
Hi Jill Thanks for the welcome.....nice to know there is support out there........Stay strong......
Haven't heard much from you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how you are well. Blessings.
Hi Jill, I agree....having cancer and healing really is a full-time job. I realized that I needed to try and schedule appointments a bit later in the day (so I could rest a bit more in the morning). I recall a quote from Kris Carr saying, "you're always at the office of healing." How true that is! I hope you're doing well and having speedy, smooth post-surgery recovery. Sending you lots of hugs, Kim
Hi Jill, You had asked a question regarding my body scans and I thought I`d post the answer over here. In 2000, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, they had done body scans, then in 2004 when I had my recurrence, I don`t think they did complete body scans just a chest x-rays and such, which looking back, I guess we should have done more. Then in 2008 when I had my mammogram, we found a lump on my other breast and then did complete body scans ... which is where we found all the cancer. I hope that answers your question. Daria
Jill-- I read your comment on Amy's blog and it sounds like you are having a bad day. I'm sorry to hear that. But you've been through a lot lately and things like this can take a toll. But I know you are strong and that this is only temporary. Let your body rest and soon you'll be back to doing everything you love. Take care and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs-- Martha
Hi gal, how are things going with you. I wanted to send a Big Hug, your way. I was reading the post that have been coming in this month that you send as a whole. There are some people there I never seen before, so do they post on the regular site? Am I missing something here?
Hey Jill, thank you for the "punch". I very grateful that I have found this blog site. Somany people with so much experience. Continued good luck.
P.S. The puppy in your photo is too cute! :)
Hi Jill, Thank you for the warm welcome! Yeah, I'm glad I'm writing about it. I have done the same as you -- waking up at all hours and googling various really is helpful. It's reassuring to meet others who have gone through the same thing. It's so nice to meet you! Take care. Best Regards, Kim
Hi Jill! Thank you so much for your help... especially with this trying time you are going through! You sure are a trooper. Well, no luck yet in uploading another picture. But it sure did keep you in my thoughts all day long. Many hugs and blessings, Rose
Hi Jill! I was wondering why I'm having a problem uploading photos. I'm following your directions as to how to name them and making sure they are .jpg photos. Could you please help? Thank you so much, Many hugs and blessings, Rose
Jill, Thinking and praying, for all to go well for you. Think good thoughts & smile lots. (it will help you, but it will make everyone else wonder what you are up too) WE KNOW!!! You are laughing inside to make everything in there happy & ready to heal fast! Sandy
Jill my heart goes out to you,Im praying for you. please keep the faith. sending love and hugsxxoomelo
Jill, You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go in for your surgery today. Hang tough. GOD BE WITH YOU. Love and hugs, Joyce In NC
Dear Jill, Wanted you to know I am thinking about you and my loudest of paryers are going your way this week!! Please know your name will be heard by the Divine to you!! Lori
Wasn't sure how else to post this; but, I have not received the book yet at my PO Box and just wanted to let you know. Best wishes, Frank
Hi Jill, Thanks for being my first supporter. I really need to be talking with people that are fighting cancer. I am glad you found yours early. I will also support you as soon as I learn to use this website. haha. You are in my prayers. Thanks again! Nancy
Hi, Jill. I wear special mastectomy bras with pockets to put my prosthesis in. They can be expensive ($50-80) but your health insurance should cover them at least 2 bras every 6 months. Your insurance should also cover for the cost of Prosthesis. I bought some extras mastectomy bras from (who can just live with two bras!), they are the cheapest. They have decent mastectomy bras starting around $15-20. Let me know if there is anything more you want to know! Yuyu
Hi Jill, thanks for the welcome! love your bichon,I have three of them. And that answers another question.I will be able to take care of them and get through this,the thought of giving them up.... xxoolots of love xxoo
Jill am I posting wrong. It pops up on the home page but the next day it gone??? How do I do it again...Ric
Did you know that sammie723's blog is selling a book that cures cancer of 27.00 dollars ???? thats not right.....Ric
Hi Jill! Thanks for the encouraging words. You and I have similar stories and triple negative as well. Let's make a pact not to live in fear!! Hugs, Jo
Hi Jill, Weezie told me to ask you how to do the private emails. I hope you are doing well. Have a great day. Hugs, Joyce
Jill-- Thanks so much for the positive thoughts! Martha
Jill- Thanks so much for starting this site! Blog for a cure is a truly wondering place to get our unique stories out there and shared through a positive and supportive way. BTW, my profile picture is a new paper collection from Basic Grey. You can find out more in here:
Hi Jill-- I wish you could have been there too! It was awesome and lifted my spirits so much. I feel that my faith has been restored! Martha
Jill, thank you for your comment - this is all fairly new to us and you are completely right in us needing to feel empowered enough to find another doctor...the system seems a bit skewed somehow.
Jill that's just great. Did you see the last post on Gaile's page? It was written by her friend. It seems she is in Palliative care, not sure if she is at home or at hospital. I guess this is it. I feel awful Weezie
Dear Jill; I just opened your recent email. How wonderful that we might get private email. I wanted to write to Gaile or I should say her best friend in private but I wasn't sure how to do that except to go on the bio page. If I do that, will she get a notification to read a new posting but in private? I am feeling so awful about her as I felt she had the most to offer in her writings. She never held back her emotions and I felt she really had a bit of a raw deal, ie her life partner. I just hope she isn't in a lot of pain. Take care Jill. You are the best. Weezie
Thanks Jill I needed your help. I was having trouble because I using IMAC AND ALL MY LIFE I USED PC. Thanks again.
Jill-- I have to say you are pretty rockin' yourself! Thanks for the compliment. I hope you are doing well--I always enjoy your posts. Take care. Martha
jill... just starting reading your bio and recent updates...if you were part of creating the "blog for a cure"...god bless you...this is an amazing creativity...and special support group ! thanks for kind words in my first blog.. dennis
Dear Jill, I love the idea of being able to PM each other. It's nice to be able to take conversations out of the public eye, sometimes. Even if the PMs were in a mailbox within this system (rather than going to our regular email accounts), it would be great. Thanks for all you do. This is a wonderful place. Peace, Kathy
Now what I did was click on your picture and up came your bio, then I could write to you. I get it now!!!!!! Weezie
Jill, I love the idea of private email. Many people here think it would be a great idea. Now let me get this straight. If I want to post you something without others viewing it, how do I do that. Or more plainly what did you just add and how do I use it. I am a ditz, really. Weezie
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