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I am a 42 year old mum of three ( ages 14,12 and 9). Ian a non smoker, drink alcohol rarely and am relatively fit. Despite working as a GP ( family doctor), I had never come across anyone with tonsilar cancer before and particularly in the "young" and non smoking groups. I have enjoyed reading other people's stories, and realise there are those much younger and much worse off than me.

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November 21, 2012

United Kingdom

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Tonsil Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma

October 10, 2012


Lack of control. Just waiting for more people to do things to me. Being a patient.

Clatterbridge, Wirral, UK

Lump in left side of neck, benign biopsy, non urgent removal, unfortunately scc detected. Primary site left tonsil identified on PET scan

Tonsillectomy and biopsies 5/10/12


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Thanks Ellen: I hope you are doing well....BEST TO YOU!
Are the chemo colors actually purple and green or was that a metaphor??- LOL.. probably a stupid question but I wasn't sure! Glad you are feeling more postively today. hugs for you! Karen
I love your positive attitude- you are absolutely, undeniably inspirational. Keep it up! xoxo Karen
Dear Ellen, My biopsy showed no tumor...was a lymph node...likely related to my right neck which has been heavily dissected and has no functioning nodes. How are feeling today? Hopefully, you are getting some fluids with chemo to keep your BP up. I wish I could come over and keep you company or help around the house. I wish I could make you a cup of tea. Again, words are shallow and hard to come by... But, you have an outlet here. You have a voice. We all share our stories and hope that someone can learn from us and benefit from our journey. BTW,several other bloggers have described thickening of their nodes during treatment... Perhaps the build up of scar tissue? But, I hear the fear in your voice and I understand. Also, I wish you didn't need gemcitabine. I wish your onc team could offer you more tolerable options. We both know this is NOT a lung primary. I just want your onc team to do more! or less (which may be better?). Still on your side...standing with you, Karen
Hi Ellen. Just checking in ... how u r feeling? I think about u everyday and wonder how ur tolerating the chemo? I am STILL waiting for path results -ugh
How's it going? I was wondering if you started tx yet. Check in when you can. Blessings in your tx.♥
Hello Ellen!! Thanks for becoming a friend...have several good colleagues here who are tonsil cancer fighters, including one whom I finally met in person in Canada last month. BFAC is wonderful for that kind of personal connection. Hugs!
Is your doggy upside down for a reason?
I found this motivated, Being diagnosed of cancer comes with a lot of uncertainties. It comes with a baggage that is bound to test your very character. Cancer is not the end of your life; it actually marks a new beginning. You should not let this disease rule over your life. It has to be fought, not feared. It can be handled and it can be battled with. Many people have done it, many people have survived it, and so can you.....Above ALL...PRAYER is the BEST weapon...... Have a Blessed day everyone!!!!
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