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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


Vital Info

Rick (ct2ndt)

July 25, 2011

July 7, 1955

Cancer Info

Tongue Cancer

May 16, 2011

Stage 4


Positive attitude, daily activities and sleep at the same times as before your treatment started. All this will keep you on the same schedule as others and the circle will continue.



Rick's Profile Page


I beat Nasal Pharengial Carcinoma 8 years ago with surgery and radiation. At the time of the diagnoses I was given an 11% chance to make it 5 years. Well I've made it longe enough, 8 years< to go to battle again. This time it is tongue cancer and the treatment is chemo. I will keep the same positive outlook I had before and will win again.

Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects

A 2 chemical soup every 3rd Monday and then a 24/5 fanny pack pump the same week as above. I have 1 week on and 2 weeks off treatment
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Rick I wanted to thankyou now for writing to me when I first found out I had cancer. It's taken me all this time to actually read and comprehend who wrote to me in the beginning of this journey. It did help me in making a decision to get the peg tube in and I am glad I did. It would have been harder if I had waited. I hope all is well with you.. hugs and love Sabina
Keep up the good work! You got this!!!!!! I am sending good thoughts and wishes your way! Keep your eye on that light at the end of the tunnel!
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