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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.


Vital Info

Chris (chrism)

December 25, 2009

Hanover, Pennsylvania

Cancer Fighter



Chris's Profile Page


47 year old femaale. Married 25 years; no children but 6 cats >^,,^< !

Cancer Symptoms

Lump in right side of neck

Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects

Had neck lump surgically removed in July 2008 by General Surgeon- was diagnosed as branchial cleft cyst. Lump grew back - was again surigically removed by ENT surgeon on December 10, 2009 - received diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, occult primary, on December 15, 2009. 2nd surgery to remove tonsils and biopsy other tissues to find primary is scheduled for December 29, 2009.

Radiation or Proton Therapy Description, Dates & Side Effects

35 tx every day M-F for 7 weeks

Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects

3 cisplatin treatments, concurrent with radiation treatments
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Hi Chris, Thanks for commenting on my blog. Im so happy to hear you are 50% back to Chris. I know its a slow recovery and I wanted to let all of you know that it does come. When Im feeling great I want the world to know so you can be inspired and that great feeling can be yours soon to.... God Bless my friend and you take care of yourself the Road to Recovery is all yours!! Love, Elena
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