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May 24, 2006

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This system was built in order to help others have a place to journal about their struggles with cancer as well as meet others. If you have any interest in supporting this system by helping pay for the cost of running this free cancer blog. Please send a check to: Blog for a Cure, LLC 2520 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80304 or you can use the Blog for a Cure donation page if you wish to use your credit card. Thanks for your support! Jill & all the other Cancer Fighters on here!



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This system was built in order to help others have a place to journal about their struggles with cancer as well as meet others. If you have any interest in supporting this system by helping pay for the cost of running this free cancer blog. Please send a check to: Blog for a Cure, LLC 2520 Bluff Street Boulder, CO 80304 or you can use the Blog for a Cure donation page if you wish to use your credit card. Thanks for your support! Jill & all the other Cancer Fighters on here!
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Apparently it's not just the bday notices. I'm sure I didn't hit enter more than once for my last, is it a full moon?
Thanks Jill. ♡
Why am I not seeing advertisements to click on??! I didn't see any last time I was the site. Generally, I click on ads once a week to make sure I don't click any twice.
received email test post. clicking on link went to -
We're sorry! We cannot find the page you were looking for (/?utm_source=NewPosting&utm_medium=Email).etc.
Clicking on name Admin brought me here.
Your test e-mail from 'admin' sent me to 'page not found'.
Thanks! I got your email. I guess I deleted my email address lol!Thanks for fixing it:) Karen
test comment
I just received your "Test" blog email but when I tried to access it, "Page Not Found" came up. Sweete2
Jill, I corrected my b-day today. It really is in October! No, nothing's wrong! I hope you and hubs are doing well! Martha
I will Jill Thankyou for everything.. Happy Holidays to You... hugs and love Sabina
No Jill I didn't do anything except look at it (Erins) yesterday to see if it was there, it wasn't then went on to light a candle for Millla. I didn't know it was there till now, isn't that strange... well its there now.. just a cyber blip I guess. Thankyou for taking the time to check it out for me , I appreciate it and thankyou always for having BFAC. I believe its a real life saver, hugs and love Sabina
Happy belated Thanksgiving, Jill! I hope it was a great one for you. Love and hugs, Danean
No Jill I went back and there is nothing there to be able to do to make a candle memorial... thankyou hugs and love Sabina
Hi, my friend. Too young is right! Damned cancer took a great lady in Milla. Her cousin contacted me Friday. I assume that was the day she passed, but I'm not sure. I'm trying to get arrangement info from him, so when we touch base, I'll be sure to ask. Thanks again for all you do, Jill. There is so much love on this site. It's beautiful. Love and hugs, Danean
Hi, Jill. I wanted to let you know that JMills cousin asked me to share that Milla has passed away. I just posted about it. Could you please light a candle? Thank you. I hope all's well with you. Big hugs, Danean
Hi Jill. Thanks for all that you do! I won't be able to make it out to San Diego. I would love to but it is not in the cards for me this year.
Hi there, Jill. Hey, I have a quick question. I just posted two things and I only see one of them listed in the recent postings. "Jeanne, Danean and an Elephant's Butt" shows up in the list, but "Thank You!" does not. I know it's available to read, as several people have viewed it, but when I look at the list of automatically generated recent posts, it doesn't show up for me. Did I do something wrong? Can I fix it, or can you fix it on your end so that it shows up in the list of what has been posted recently? Thanks so much! See you in less than three weeks! :) Danean
I'm relieved to hear that the rain has subsided! I'll bet blue skies have never felt more welcome. I'm sorry about your basement, but it sounds like you came out very well considering. Man, the weather seems to be getting more extreme each season the last few years. I'm very surprised we haven't had any major, local fires here yet this year. It is ridiculously dry, even by SoCal standards. See you soon! Danean
Hi, Jill. How are you holding up with all of that flooding? Are you out ofhharm's way? I sure hope you are! Danean
GRRR I am sorry it was late but I thought of you on the day!
Thank you I hope this works I did try it both ways but can't remember if I saved it... ooops Thanks again I am sure it will work this time!
Thanks Jill!
Wanted to let you know that I still since Feb. have not receive any emails from any ones posts, comments nothing. I ask before about it but was unable to resolve the problem. Tried what I was advised to do, add to my email contact, looked in spam and nothing I have done has worked, Thanks Kevin
Hi this is Pen, When I try to go to shop from my home page-it says page not found. Thanks, Pen Hi, Jill. Someone is spamming us. Please see above. Thanks again for all you do. I'm off to click! Love, Danean
Hi Jill, When I click on My Dashboard, Everyone's picture disappears. Oh Well, maybe it's me.
I did get your comment and I got email from Jill and I replied back ... But no, not getting any emails from BFAC members since Febuary 5th thanks Kevin
Hello, Alot of my comments are saying they are from a private person. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Pen
Thanks, Jill! Have a good Monday!
Jill, I just tried again to comment on John's profile page and this time it went through, so I'm think it must have been a problem on my end. Thanks for checking into this.
Hi Jill--I clicked on "posts" then "more" and it shows that it is 1 of 6 pages but when I go to go to the next takes me to the page with your dogs saying something like can't find what you are looking for. I tried it again right now to see if perhaps I was losing it....let me know if there is a different way to see them?
Hi Jill--I was curious if you know a way to print our posts? I was going to print them out -- this is almost a diary of my cancer journey...but for some reason, I cannot see too many older posts...takes me to a page with a pic of your cute dog. Let me know if it can be done. Thanks as always for this great site, Rachel xo
Now that the holidays are over and we (the regulars) are starting to get back on track, I think you're right, some one will let you know. You might want to post a message from the admin page for everyone to know to notify you . If it gets out of hand you can always turn it back on.
Happy happy birthday - guess the 10th is the day this started!?!
I got my shirt. I will post a picture tomorrow. I love it and put it on the second I opened the pkg. Thank you so much, I have chosen to give back through volunteering, so income is not for extras. You made my day!!!
I got my shirt. I will post a picture tomorrow. I love it and put it on the second I opened the pkg. Thank you so much, I have chosen to give back through volunteering, so income is not for extras. You made my day!!!
Thank you so much, I shall wear it with pride.:)))
I do click, too. ;-) Happy weekend to ya! D
Thanks so much, Jill! If he doesn't know how to combine them, that'll be completely okay. There are bigger fish to fry, as they say. :-) Have a great weekend! Danean
Thank you so much! I will let Barb know....
Duh, am I ever a loose goose. I did post a candle. I looked twice before emailing you and sure enough, after you wrote below I decided to look one last time. hrmph. I just lost a good friend on Friday. Will make a post. xoxo
A heart-felt, emotional thank you.
The collaborative science site lets scientists and non-scientific folk help research into the proteins that make up bad stuff by rearranging the protein shapes on screen - its like a game, only not - its easier than it looks and this month beginners can take a swipe at T-cell Lymphoma, which seems like a good thing to do.
brain too fuzzy to wrap around this project today; 0 much to do! Happy Christmas Darlin! xoxo
Jill; Well you deserve all the appreciation you are getting from everybody here. Your welcome! Love Barb
Thanks for helping with the picture, Jill. I always need a good editor! But you omitted "Thank you,Jill!" We toasted you.
Hi Jill - I wonder what the final press release looked like and where did it go? Thanks, Palp.
In answer to your question, sure. That would be fine. Thanks! ! very palpable hit
Hey Jill...I'm so happy that you received some donations! It was really was a magical night...I am so truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life! thanks for your wishes love! d xoxo
This makes perfect sense -- to remove the button thus preventing multiple "supports" -- maybe some of us old timers (okay, Helen and me) get used to the system as is. Thank you.
Hi Jill; You are a doll! Happy Monday! Love Barb
Hi Jill, I just realized that I found (I don't remember how) and joined BFAC on August 7 last year, your birthday! BFAC was the best present I had but it was your birthday!
Thank you for embedding the video- a great surprise to see it there! Ann
Hi Jill, There is another advertiser -- a cancer hospital in Singapore. The tag is fightcancer. The last post is still on the homepage. Hope you're enjoying the summer. Andrea
so I love Mac's sentiment for a sticker. I am back on line after a whallop of a couple of weeks. During that time I designed a T-shirt (photo later) and thought about the stickers. My submission is four words: Listening~~~Laughing~~~Loving~~~Living What do you think? xoxo
yeah buy a bike and you and the hubby can ride this way and we will have lunch...yeah thats it. I do read a fair amount...when I am not riding...Hugs Mac
Remember I wanted some to give to people who purchased my 'hope' jewelry? You said you had to make sure the phrase wasn't copyrighted.. xoxo. I.m going to bed, will be here tomorrow for questions :) xoxo
It's not that I don't like the shirt, I just don't wear them...if I find a Race for Life later this year I will get one! Meantime I'm waving my stickers around on my portfolios etc when I go to meetings.. Love you and have a great day!
Hi Jill; Wow, that must be cool seeing everyone running! I am home. Thanks for your concern. Talked to the hospital, and they can't see me until next Mon. or Tues. Sat outside all day today, and it felt great. I am feeling a bit will probably be gone by the time they are ready to check me. When I lived in Denver, I went to Boulder a few times and just had a blast, fond memories of your town. Born in Calgary, was down your way for about 4 years with Oil and Gas company, then transferred back home. Love Barb
I wish I could do more, Jill. You have created a very blessed site for so many. Its us that thank you!
Hey Jill. Thanks for fixing the pic, no clue how the exclamation point got there. Feel free to post that pic anywhere you want. I'm proud of the fact that I'm a survivor, knock wood, and have no problems with anyone else knowing. TJ OD@aT
Thanks, Jill. I've been off line til just now (230 new inbox). Thanks for checking on those. I just figured the cross-networking would be a great thing for both of us. xoxo
Jill; I wonder if my messages are being sent to bgw(Barb1 or 1barb...not having a good day. Going back for another bio. on my anal Cancer on Tuesday..worried, and not much faith in the Dr. Love Barb
actually, you were my next stop. I have an announcement on my FB page and apparently, every time I post a new item I can 'like' it and it posts on FB. I loved the sticker you sent me about knocking and running but I thought, what a great way to get BFAC and you out there if I include a sticker with every 'hope' piece I sell? So, I would be willing to pay for a stack, just to get myself going. I will order today. They aren't on CafeP are they? I was really going to stick that on my car and get one for MW's too. We have always had a 'no stickers on cars' policy, but these are special. So, this networking thing could be awesome. A few of my FB friends have already said they would order. I only made 2, just to see! Now I'm thinking, oh shit! I've got to get busy! Love you. xoxo
Thank you, Jill. I can be a bit of a blonde a times. :)
Thanks, Jill! I told him it will take a few weeks. :)
Jill, I just ordered a shirt for my son - XL steel with black. I meant to order a Large...can you fix it? Thanks.
Thanks for the T, Jill! I will post a pic of me in it T with my new fuzz! Take care.
Jill, that one looks perfect!
Hey Jill, I'll take one of the light steel ones. I'm not a "teal" kind of person, anyway! LOL Where & how & how much do I pay?
Jill, I placed my order - even though it says "sold out" - I wanted the women's teal/gray in medium. Thanks! Can't wait to wear it!
Ok that's great. I paid for one through Pay Pall but my balane was empty. so they took it from my visa i think. I have transferred $50.00 to pay pall but it takes 5-7 days to get there. I will try to pay another $20.00 just like i did this morning. let me know if you receive the payments.
Jill I just ordered the last t-shirt light steel with black XL through visa. I wanted one now but the rest you can you let me know when they are in, so i can jump on my order. many thanks jill.
Hi Jill: my order is as follows: 2 xxL - grey with teal print. 2 xxL grey with black type, 2 xxL White with teal type. Tell me the amount and which way you want paymment ie: paypal, visa or cheque. I didn't check that part out. I want to donate these shirts to our hospital sale in the Fall. no hurry just when you have the stock. Thanks for remembering. love Weeze
My husband dresses the dogs up and takes pictures and makes them into cards for me.
add me. spread the word...facebook me!
Hi Jill--Got my shirt--Thanks (plus thanks for the stickers!). I will wear it with pride. Rachel
Jill - do yo know when you're going to get some Mediums in for the women's teal/grey t shirts? I like that one the best!
Without Theresa's and others support, I don't know how I would have made it through my treatment last summer. And without you, I would have never met Theresa. You are a goddess, a princess and so many other fine words. Thank you for what you do for us and know we all love you. TJ OD@aT
I am starting the deductible over as well, but I figure it was now or never. If you put it off, you'll never do it. That's me anyway. It really went fast cause we gabbed the whole time and it didn't hurt. No anesthesia so no IV. It has to be less than a port insertion. I say, pick up the phone on Monday, set the date, get it over with. I didn't think I would give a s, but now I'm glad it's done. xoxo
i tried that but they are the wrong format, they are bmg or something like that, she has lots of pictures so i will find one in the right format just going to take some time, thanks though. by the way i love your website! i find writing and keeping her story alive is helping me alot and i have alot of support on here, and i have been supporting others as well, i love it! well have a good day, take care :)
im always up at night because i work nights lol, i was off last night but got up to skype with my dad, but going to be bringing my laptop to work so i can chat with him on my lunch break, thats at 2 am my time 9 pm his time lol but this is a new and exciting experience, and this website has been amazing i love sharing my sister story and memories of her. i hope you are following along. there are alot of memories, eventually i will get to the end of her story but will continue with the memories. thanks for being there :) you are amazing for what you are doing. is there any way if not already that you can post the website to go to to donate bone marrow? my sister wanted everyone to know about it so ppl can save lives, i wont post it without your permission just thought i would ask its not for money just so ppl can donate bone marrow, i am on the list to donate as that was my sisters wishes. well just let me know ttyl
Hi Jill, How is your T supply? I would like one in a L, even though I had a weight loss the girls are still there only gravity hasn't been quite so kind to them. Also, I do not like snug T's, Just let me know, Thanks, Patty
Thanks for doing that. After a week where I got the first positive visit to the onc doc and started out a new job the next day (after 20 months), I did NOT need that kind of negativity. I've already lost my brother cause his "wife" is full of nothing but negativity and I do not tolerate that from anyone in any way shape or form. Nor do I think that any of the fantastic fighting people should have to either. It's like those hateful people from the Westboro Church that proclaim to be Christians, but hate everyone that is not part of their tiny little 20 people church, that protest at the funerals of soldiers. My paternal granddad was a Methodist minister in small town East Texas. My granny that raised me (Hon, as she was called) was a Southern Baptist. So I was raised right and proper. Always been a good person. Cancer has only made me a better, stronger, nicer person. Again, thanks for all you do, and when I get the first paycheck, my first donation is to this fantastic place you have created. TJ OD@aT
Gotcha...makes sense. I'll tell the troops
Hi Jill - I DID order notecards AND stickers - a month ago or more...all is well. Also got a mousepad!
Hey Jill, Just added my End of Treatment Date and my NED Date. Worked the charm and looks fantastic to see on the profile. Worked the charm! Thanks for your hard work on getting it done. Now let's start spreading the word to others about this great new option for our profiles. And to share a bit of other good news with you, I FINALLY got a job and start next Wednesday. Hopefully I've finally turned the corner on this whole speed bump of life I was thrown and I'll be back to having a full happy healthy and normal life real quick! TJ OD@aT
God Bless you and I added you as a friend too.
Hey there, the two dates sound like a good idea to me. 1. end of treatment date and 2. ned date. I would agree that in most cases they would be different and yes, they are both dates worth celebrating! I just didn't want to be overly greedy by asking you to do too much more than you already are to keep this great site going. Can't wait to add August 27 2010 and December 15 2010 to my profile. Texas Jeff OD@aT
Thanks Jill, Yuur instructions help. I'm getting there! Rachel
She did say 2-3. If you are VERY good it could be the shortest time possible! Positive thinking girl!
Ok, so I asked the assistant questions we all want to know. First, I read in the roon (while waiting) not only has she been written up in Baltimore Magazine, she's graduated from 3 schools, one for each degree. she is also the breast(or plastic) surgery instructor at Johns Hopkins. Makes me even more confident in her work. She said they no longer use tissue from the labia except in extreme cases where there is no skin left to manipulate, So she does a criss/cross cut like * and then flips and folds the skin to build it up into a nipple shape. The surgery is done under local anesthesia, so that's good. No physical activity for 2-3 weeks, same as not moving that arm after mastectomy. That will be a hard thing to do But I learned my lesson last time when it took a month to get the drain out. I will not make the mistake that got Diane in trouble. I also asked about the prospect of designing my own tattoo, I want a punk rock color and a pink ribbon with wings. I also want to get a small peach somewhere, to signify the uterune cancer. So Dr. Wells said that insurance only covers the actual nipple but the tech is going to look into what colors she might be able to get ahold of. The tattoo can be done after 3 weeks, then the healing will be totally finished. Oh, and the needle WILL NOT go in far enough to touch the implant, so you can get whatever you want wherever you want! Now I just need to start designing. (There even may be a little BFAC worked into the design. My art takes forever to conceive, but once I get it, it flies! Later gator! xoxoxoxox
Hey Jill, I got my T-shirt....Sorry for not letting you know. I will get a picture of me in it soon. I have had a rough time recovering from our trip to Colorado. I thought about how close I was too you:) I will be back in July and it should be a better visit and time. My dad is not doing real good, I think we have reached the last stage of life with him and we are on the downhill track. I will blog more about this one of these days but just coping as best as I can at the moment. We (my fam) is really doing OK under the circumstances. Melinda
I minimmized as small as I could, when it didn't work, I went to edit post and thought I deleted it! How many photos will go? Hmmmmm. You know I always attack everything like a maniac!
Regarding Komen...I dealt with some of those folks while I was in the embassy in Madrid and they were trying to force their program on the Spanish. They do not take any prisoners. I hope that they don't attack.
Jill, A friend just sent me this link. Does Komen know about us? In addition to raising millions of dollars a year for breast cancer research, fundraising giant Susan G. Komen for the Cure has a lesser-known mission that eats up donor funds: patrolling the waters for other charities and events around the country that use any variation of "for the cure" in their names. So far, Komen has identified and filed legal trademark oppositions against more than a hundred of these Mom and Pop charities, including Kites for a Cure, Par for The Cure, Surfing for a Cure and Cupcakes for a Cure--and many of the organizations are too small and underfunded to hold their ground. "It happened to my family," said Roxanne Donovan, whose sister runs Kites for a Cure, a family kite-flying event that raises money for lung cancer research. "They came after us ferociously with a big law firm. They said they own 'cure' in a name and we had to stop using it, even though we were raising money for an entirely different cause." Donovan's sister, Mary Ann Tighe, said the Komen foundation sent her a letter asking her to stop using the phrase "for a cure" in their title and to never use the color pink in conjunction with their fundraising. What bothered her most about the whole ordeal, she said, was that Komen forced her to spend money and time on legal fees and proceedings instead of raising funds for cancer. "We were certainly taken aback by it," she told HuffPost. "We have partners running these kite events around the country. What if one of them uses, say, magenta? Is that pink? I mean, where are we going with this? We just want to raise money for cancer. What we don't want is to have our energy misplaced by having our charity partners trying to police the good work that we're doing." Sue Prom, who started a small dog sledding fundraiser for breast cancer called "Mush for the Cure" in Grand Marais, Minn., said she was shocked to hear from Komen's lawyers this summer asking that she change the name of her event or face legal proceedings. "I had to call the trademark helpline, because I had no idea what I was doing," said Prom, who runs the annual sled race with her husband and friend. "We pay for the expenses out of our pockets, and we've never personally made a dime from it. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, domain names, posters, stationery, all with 'Mush for the Cure' on it. What do we do with all the materials now? How are we gonna defend ourselves? We're not like Komen."
Jill, I'd like a women's small and Tim will take a men's medium. I'm SO glad to hear that your scans came back all clear. That'll make for a Merry Christmas, no? THANK YOU! Peace, Kathy
Hi Jill....I had the shirt made specially, but the idea is yours to use! HM
I just received my shirt a few minutes ago Thank you so much for sending it so quick. I put the sticker on my laptop. I will take pics as soon as I get some makeup on & fix my hair.
I had been monitoring her mutual blog sites, but mainly fb and her son posted that she went peacefully and they (the boys) were doing OK and were well prepared. She stopped blogging and posting after her last surgery around the end of July, finally had word that she was in rehab trying to regain her ability to walk. Melinda
The sticker looks great on my car and I am ready to buy the cards....hope your day was peaceful and wonderful...HM
Thank you for sending the shirt express I cant wait to wear it. I hope I don't put on weight from all the desserts & not be able to fit in it. I will take pictures as soon as I get it. I'm still waiting for my pumpkin pie. Hope your enjoying your holiday.
I put the sticker in blue ink on my looks good...I haven't seen the black. I'll buy a set of either color!! Or screaming ORANGE! Whatever it takes to get the message across... I am so fortunate to have found this site...and thank you again and again for creating it.
actually I did bout an hour ago, it looked good then, thanks toots. when will you be advising about the advisors? I'm gonna go blog about my latest dumb clumsy duh accident! xoxoxo
I will send a thank you right away, and also do the clicking - judiciously! Is there some way you can put a note on the page to remind people to do this? IF not I will post about it!
thanks for checking. glad its the system and I'm not crazy. btw, do you ever sleep? XOXO
I don't think I touched anything to prevent a no Comment button from not showing. Can we assume it is a glitch?? thanks.
FYI there is no comment button when I'm reading musicgirls' posts.
jill, wonderful person, wonderful site. Thank you.
So very very thankful for this comforting placce to just go and be . What an awesome way to spend time and just know that there is a connection with so many very wondrful and caring people. Much love and lots of best wishes and many many thanks!!!!!! Camilla
done, 2 photos, one important event
lol! thanks, I think I know some people who can be called "mud mouth"! both of my photos ok now? I havn't looked yet. I will. xoxo, Debbie
I know you don't need to be working so plase file this under 'whenever'. I clicked on "Ghost" to read "Oops", and your assistants are there instead. By the way, which one is the naughty one? My guess is both. LOL
Thinking about you today.. Hey, The last two gallery photos wont show if you click on them. I wont load anymore until kevin takes a look. By the time you see this, i hope you are better! xoxo, Debbie
Make sure you ask your plast-surg next time you talk. When is surg-day? Anyway, I.m going to call mine tomorrow if I remember and hopefully have a new baby 'nip' before Thanksgiving. At least this surgery wont hurt! I don't remember if I asked about colors..I can't imagine why she would have anything other than pinks and browns?? If not, I might just get her permission to go to a shop, I think it would look cool! xoxo' Debbie
I have a fantastic plastic surg. (other drs have said so, complimented the skill.) she said she uses the skin in the 'nipple' area. cuts like an asterisk *, and in her description, folds it over and over like origami. I have heard those stories about using skin from your nether regions, she said she hasn't done that for years. (I wish Diane would get to an ok place with her situation, by the way). The only thing about the implant is it's not shaped like a breast, naked the front is sort of flat, in a good bra, shirts look fine, the nipples are necessary though, I've been lop-sided in a! xoxo, Debbie
Just wanted to wish you well with the boobery. Recovery was fast and easy, nothing like the mastectomy. Getting used to the implant takes a few weeks, at first it kept sliding down under the sport bra, couldn't feel it! lol. After awhile it stays put though. now I still need the nipple,,, xoxo, Debbie
Hi, Jill. I'm glad that my CafePress comment was helpful. I purchased some cancer-related gear from them when I was first diagnosed. The sweatshirt I ordered had a stain on it, and they replaced it at no cost to me. They picked up the shipping fees. They apologized profusely. And they took my word for it; I didn't even need to return the damaged item. Now that's customer service! There are a couple small things to keep in mind. When they specify that a sweatshirt is "lightweight," it is! The lightweight sweatshirts are only about twice as thick as a tee-shirt would be. Also, if you're going to use them to make mugs, the required artwork is a little tricky if you want a two-sided mug. I used them about 10 years ago for some tee-shirts when I first started my own business, and all these years later, my friends are still wearing them. Of course, the shirts are a bit faded, but no more than you'd expect of any printed tee-shirt after that many years. The material is holding up nicely. I hope this helps a bit, Danean
check out 'knowcancer' in florida, it's someone promoting, but I don't think anyone paid attention. :) deb
Surgery! I hope something that you can recover from's a hug HM
PS - here is a real bummer story about the insurance companies once again trying to restrict support for cancer patients..
Hey there, I am just so appreciative of this site and all the people here helping each other, thank you again and I will send you another donation... You've got to set up that 501.c.3!!!
Hey thanks Jill, thank Kevin for me too. I'm still gung-ho to help with the cause any way I can. Now that the wedding festivities have died down, I have limitless me/free time. I've been hard at work over on facebook, have brought at least 1 for sure, I suggest BFAC when ever I'm in another cancer site, especially the Cure page, so far I have 7 new facebook friends, lol. Plenty more ideas are brewing in my purpley-red-haired head. Having fun. How are you? Feeling better, I hope. I have a surprise tomorrow for BC Awareness Month. I will post it nearer to midnight. xoxox debbie
Seriously Jill, she is still on my friends list and I have a notice of a post from her but when I click it's empty. Google her screen name and you'll find three seperate dates that she started. I know you'll get it figured out, it doesn't bother me as long as I know you are on the case. Thanks, Officer BFAC!
Hi Jill, I joined on Facebook but I must have clicked Enter a few too many times for I appear under fundraising and every option. Sorry, I will send to other that have cancer but are not on BFAC. That's ok, right? Have a Great Day
Thank you so much for your message & offer of help, sincerely appreciate it. ktgulty
Jill, After posting the info regarding the CURE magazine I did check and it is not available at all out of the US as Weezie had asked. Is there a way that this info that this particular issue is largely talking about Breast Cancer to make it available to all that does have that crappy diagnosis? Could I mail the magazine to you or is there any options at all to make this info available for all? Thanks, Patty
Thanks Jill, Yeah some people are just miserable. Thanks for removing it. As we fight the biggest fight of our lives-- thats a LOSER in my ring. Love, Elena
Jill: Thanks...when I was reading Sonia's post and saw his comment,,,I had to stop and read it several times. I mean...really???how awful! I reported to you (thanks for that option!) and then sent him a "Shame on you note on his profile. I've seen his comments off and on other posts and sometimes wonder if he really is a cancer person or not. Hard to tell cause his writing ability seems lacking. Thanks again and I just hope Sonia didn't see it. Teresa
Thanks, I'm lucky enough to live near an apple store and I bug them. I putting together a power point show about my recovery and I had to go ask how I could e-mail it to PC users..So as I sit on my feeding tube I play away. I'm eating food now just use this to make sure I get what i need. talk to you soon...Rict
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